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Why an outhouse?  It's kind of in there.


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The investigation continues and some drastic measures must be used.

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Earth isn't always friendly to its far-flung children.

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Finally getting back to it.

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Assembling the clues to uncover the Count's murderer may be a messy business. 

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When longevity makes overpopulation a household thing - a household of dozens crammed cheek-to-jowl - the hope of a little breathing room is all that's left.

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In an alternate earth history line, where the Plantagenets never lost the British throne and magic is church (Catholic, of course) sanctioned (but only to carefully vetted and licensed sorcerers), a murderbrings king's investigator Lord Darcy to the scene, accompanied by his forensic sorcerer and physician.

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Inventing a substance that could possibly bounce indefinitely was relatively easy.  Stopping it from doing so was not!

Make sure to take the handy dandy "who listens to audio drama..?" survey i have made:

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If the same day repeats and you don't realize it, how can you get what you want?

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It has come to my attention I never posted the final piece of this.

Crazy year, eh?

Here's links to 1-6:

Part 1:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-1-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 2:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-2-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 3:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-3-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 4:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-4-deadeye-kid-6-

Part 5:  http://nineteennocturne.libsyn.com/the-taste-of-the-beholder-episode-4-deadeye-kid-6--1

Part 6:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/nineteennocturne/DeK_Taste6_final.mp3?dest-id=21914

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Attributed to Jules Verne, but probably written by his son Michel, this story (written in 1895) predicted the far future...


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